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VRChat Talent Show (2023)

Directed by Elim

Welcome to VRChat’s Got Talent, featuring celebrity judges Filian and ChrisQuitsReality! Witness amazing and hilarious performances from twenty VRChat contestants. From singing, stand-up comedy, and FIlian twerking with a knife? Watch now!

VRCHAT'S GOT TALENT! (ft. Filian, ChrisQuitsReality)
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The Director

​Elim is a director, cinematographer, and VR filmmaker based in Australia. He previously attended film school and has created cinematic short films in video games since 2017.


The Good, The Bad, The Monkey was his first VRChat short film and also Metacosm Studio’s first production.


In September 2021, he first premiered a concept trailer for this film at the VRCon 2021 Film Festival. He then released the full 15-minute Western comedy in December 2021 on YouTube.


In May 2022, he released "What If Mirrors Were ILLEGAL In VRChat?" In July 2022, he released "Backrooms The Anime." In December 2022 he released Date my Avatar.

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