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What is Metacosm Studios?
We are an indie, virtual film studio that produces movies, short films, and episodic series shot entirely in VRChat.

What is Into the Metaverse?
Into the Metaverse is an anime, action-adventure film that tells the story of Rikka’s journey into VRChat. Formerly known as VRChat The Movie, our indie film is a free 90-minute movie that will be released on YouTube. 


What is the Cinematic Metaverse?
The Cinematic Metaverse is a collection of films that take place in the same fictional universe and share a common lore. These films are developed in collaboration with our filmmakers.


Where do you get the avatars you use in your films?
We make our avatars in-house, purchase avatars from Booth and Gumroad, and use avatars publicly available in VRChat avatar worlds.


What software do you use for production?

We create assets with Blender and Unity, record with OBS and NVIDIA Shadowplay, and edit with Adobe Premiere and Vegas Pro.

How can I support Metacosm Studios?
We are a community of volunteers and VRChat fans. You can support us by watching and sharing our films, along with joining our Discord server to get involved with future projects filmed in VRChat.

How do I join the Metacosm Studios team?
Submit an application and join our Discord server to be considered for roles such as a body actor, voice actor, avatar creator, world builder, and more. 

Do you have any tutorials, workshops, or tips for beginning filmmakers?
We welcome filmmakers to apply and volunteer with current film projects to learn about directing, cinematography, and production. We plan to create educational content in the future.

I have an idea for a film, how do I work with you?
We are currently focused on completing the projects announced as part of our Cinematic Metaverse. We do welcome new ideas for future consideration.

Please email with a concept trailer, script, and/or example of previous work for us to provide advice or consider your project.

Can we hire you to make a film, music video, avatar showcase, commercial, etc?

Email us at for more information.  

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