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The Penrose Protocol (2023)

Directed by Khangaluwu

A disgraced police officer seeks to enforce justice however she can under a corrupt oligarchic system in this 20 minute short film.

Featured Voice Actors:

  • April: Stark

  • Lilith: ScarJ

  • HQ: Moonarc

The Penrose Protocol|VRChat Short Film (2023)
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The Director

​Khangaluwu (Khang) is a director, cinematographer, and VR filmmaker based in Minnesota. He is also definitely (not) a VTuber. 


He previously independently directed the "LPD Files" series, and "In a Perfect World". He then joined Metacosm Studios where he went on to direct his first psychological short film "Voicemail," followed by "Penrose Protocol" before going on to create his own independent film studio named Studio Penrose. 


Fun fact: every one of his films has a train in it somewhere.

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