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The Penrose Protocol (2023)

Directed by Khangaluwu

A disgraced police officer seeks to enforce justice however she can under a corrupt oligarchic system in this 20 minute short film.

Featured Voice Actors:

  • April: Stark

  • Lilith: ScarJ

  • HQ: Moonarc

The Penrose Protocol|VRChat Short Film (2023)
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The Director

​Khangaluwu (Khang) is a director, cinematographer, and VR filmmaker based in Minnesota. He is also definitely (not) a VTuber. 


He previously independantly directed the "LPD Files" series, and "In a Perfect World". He then joined Metacosm Studios where he went on to direct his first psychological short film "Voicemail." and now "The Penrose Protocol".


His next major production is a feature-length film codenamed "Project VIN". More details to be announced soon. Fun fact: every one of his films has a train in it somewhere.

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