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Dev Project Manager

Tris is a 3D modeler and stunt performer based in Australia. Tris is studying 3D modeling software and hopes to one day become a freelance 3D avatar creator.


Tris started playing VRChat during the knuckles epidemic back in December of 2017 and then joined the studio in May of 2021. Since joining Metacosm Tris has helped act and dev for most of our films.

In her spare time outside of the studio Tris is an avid fan of all things VR and VRC. She can usually be found participating in VR RP groups, exploring new worlds, meeting new people and joining other communities.

As staff, Tris' role within the studio is to manage and organize projects for the Dev team while also working on asset creation alongside Peach. 

Tris also contributes significantly and works closely with CrispyWisp to create most of the action scenes you see in our films. Fun fact, most of the falls you see in our films are from Tris!

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