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LPD Files (2021-2022)

Directed by Khangaluwu and Karet

Co-Directed by 4 and LoftyCalvin

LPD Files is a multi-part short film series that details the events surrounding a new recruit, Marney, and their experiences at the Loli Police Department.

Filmed in VRChat and produced by the LPD, this series will provide a deeper look at the VRChat cinematic universe and how the LPD is affected by Love Gang, a lesser-known crime syndicate. 

LPD Files - Episode 1: Love Hurts - Loli Police Department
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The Director

​Khangaluwu (Khang) is a director, cinematographer, and VR filmmaker based in Minnesota. He is also definitely (not) a VTuber. 


He formerly served in the Loli Police Department as a staff member before joining Metacosm Studios. He also currently does media work for VRCon, a community driven social VR convention in VRChat.


He is currently filming Episode 3 of his series, LPD Files, while also working on the movie extended cut of it and various small video shorts.


His next major production is a film called Virtually Inseparable. Details to be announced soon. Fun fact: every one of his films has a train in it somewhere!